Fecc in the Press (2013)

December 2013

CHEManager "Distributors see growth opportunities for Chemical Trade with Russia" www.chemanager-online.com

October 2013

HCB Feature “To Europe and beyond!” www.hazardouscargo.com

HCB Feature “Safety all ways" www.hazardouscargo.com


CHEManager "The Chemical Distributor’s New Normal" www.chemanager-online.com

HCB Feature "New markets, new marketing Fecc 2013 Annual Congress Report" www.hazardouscargo.com

Chemical Watch "Fees worry downstream users as BPR comes into force" www.chemicalwatch.com

August 2013

Speciality Chemicals "Distributed worldwide: Chemicals distribution in the BRIC markets is changing rapidly. Andrew Warmington reports from the Fecc Congress in Hamburg" www.specchemonline.com

HCB Feature "Inkings and openings" www.hazardouscargo.com

JULY 2013

ChemicalWeek "Regulation, globalization challenge distributors - China, India are opportunities, despite risks" www.chemweek.com

CBA Outlook Spring 2013 "CBA President Elected Vice-President Of Fecc" and "Successful Fecc Congress" www.chemical.org.uk

Cosmetics Business "Fecc elects dr Neville Prior as new Vice President" www.cosmeticsbusiness.com

Kunststoffe International "Fecc: Change of Date for the Fecc Congress Rome 2014" www.kunststoffe.de

ICIS "Fecc Commentary: Innovation and adaptability to drive growth in the supply chain" www.icis.com

Market Watch & Your Industry News "Presenting the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors" www.marketwatch.com & www.yourindustrynews.com

HCB Newsletter Neville Prior, president of the UK's Chemical Business Association (CBA), has been elected as the new vice-president of the European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc).

HCB Newsletter Marc Henri Fermont has been named as the recipient of the European Association of Chemical Distributors' (Fecc) 2013 Fecc Award

Bulk Distributor "Marc Henri Fermont honoured with the Fecc Award 2013"  www.bulk-distributor.com

Chemagility Newsletter "Fecc Congress 2013 “Positioning distributors in the driving seat of the supply chain” www.chemagility.com

CHEManager Online "Marc Fermont Wins Fecc Award 2013"www.chemanager-online.com

CHEManager Online “Neville Prior Elected as Fecc VP” www.chemanager-online.comand"Dr. Neville Prior neuer FECC-Vizepräsident" www.chemanager-online.com

Kunststoffe International "Fecc: New Vice President and New Board Members" www.kunststoffe-international.com

JUNE 2013

Chemical Watch "REACH limits the scope of downstream user authorisations. Chemical suppliers should lead applications, says aerospace industry" www.chemicalwatch.com

CHEManager Online “Fecc Welcomes New Member: DKSH”. www.chemanager-online.com and www.chemanager-online.com

CHEManager “Distribution In Emerging Markets”. Article prepared by Fecc on emerging markets. Includes interviews with members, Barentz and BTC. www.chemanager-online.com

Gefährliche Ladung “Fostering Cooperation”. Foreword for the special edition focused on chemical distribution. www.gelaweb.de

Natural Products Insider “DKSH Expands in Europe”. Article on DKSH joining the Fecc. www.naturalproductsinsider.com

ICIS Congress Publication “Chemical Distribution: Exploring for growth as EU markets stall” www.icis.com

ICIS news “3D printing biggest growth market in next 30 years: Fecc speaker” 3D printing will be the biggest growth market in the next 30 years, author and futurologist Mark Stevenson said at the European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc)’s annual congress. www.icis.com

ICIS news “Europe distributors favouring speciality markets – Fecc Congress” European distributors are targeting speciality markets for future business and turning away from traditional commodity grades. www.icis.com

ICIS news “Focus should be on chem projects in developing countries – Cefic” Based on the speech given by Lena Perenius, at the Fecc Congress. www.icis.com

ICIS news “India chems distribution business to be worth €7.5bn by 2016-17” Article based on David Brown’s, from Chemagility address at the Fecc Congress.  www.icis.com and www.icis.com

ICIS news “17 industry bodies back EU nanomaterials review” www.icis.com

ICIS news “Swiss distributor DKSH switches focus from Asia to Europe” Interview with Mario Preissler, head of DKSH's performance materials unit at the Fecc Congress. www.icis.com

ICIS news “Customer relations key to distributor business - Fecc Congress”. Article covering how relationship management is key to distributors, with interviews made at the Fecc Congress. www.icis.com

ChemicalWeek “Fecc 2013: China and India are major opportunities for distributors, despite risks”. Article based on the emerging markets session at the Fecc Congress.  www.chemweek.com Top Read Story 4

ChemicalWeek “Fecc 2013: Globalization and regulation are major challenges for distributors” Article based on Fecc’s President Edgar Nordmann’s opening speech and vch Vice President Robert Spaeth welcome address.  Top read story 6 www.chemweek.com

HCB Newsletter “DKSH has become the latest company to join the European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc)”

HCB Feature “Fecc's big issues”. Article based on Fecc’s Hot Topics for 2013. www.hazardouscargo.com

HCB Feature “Members in mind”. Article on Cornelius joining Fecc. www.hazardouscargo.com

May 2013

Kunststoffe International "Fecc Welcomes New Member" www.kunststoffe.de
Chemanager "Chemiedistribution entwickelt sich weiter – Geschäfte stagnieren Interview mit dem Vorstand des VCH (Verband Chemiehandel)" www.chemanager-online.com
DistriConsult Newsletter “Fecc Workshop “Distribution Agreements, Distributor Issues and the Law” in Brussels was a great Success”. www.districonsult.com
ChemicalWeek “Distribution: Momentum slows in a challenging market” Interviews with Fecc President, Edgar E. Nordmann and other Fecc members. www.chemweek.com
ChemicalWeek “UK-based distributor joins Fecc” & “DKSH joins Fecc” Reporting on Fecc’s new members. www.chemweek.com & www.chemweek.com

CHEManager “Responsibility And Credibility”. Interview with Fecc President. Edgar E. Nordmann.  www.chemanager-online.com