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Distributors see growth opportunities for Chemical Trade with Russia

Brussels, 14 November 2013 – The European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc) and EuroCommerce welcomed over forty participants to a high-level conference on Chemical Trade with Russia & Beyond, held today at the EuroCommerce premises in Brussels. The meeting, jointly organised by the Brussels-based associations, presented an overview of the current and future business opportunities in Russia and the surrounding region, relevant to chemicals trade and industry.

Speakers included experts on the Russian market from the European Commission, the Association of European Businesses (AEB) in the Russian Federation and ICB Deutschland. Leading chemical distributors and manufacturers also shared their experience on the Eastern markets with the participants.

“These markets play an increasingly important role for the industry and offervarious opportunities to increase business potential for chemical distributors.Working together with other trade associations is a great way to help our members prepare to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Uta Jensen-Korte, Fecc Director-General.

“The growth outlook for Russia is positive, offering opportunities to further develop trade relations between Russia and the EU. The ambitious removal of trade barriers is the key to exploiting this potential fully,” added Christian Verschueren, EuroCommerce Director-General.

For more information on the associations, please visit: www.fecc.org and www.eurocommerce.eu


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Distributors see growth opportunities