Stera Chemicals joins FECC

Stera Chemicals joined Fecc in October as the third new member this year. The Romanian company started as a chemical distribution company in 1999 and offers raw materials for lacquers and coatings, cosmetics and detergents, rubber and food.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome the first Romanian member of Fecc,” said Hendrik Abma. “With Romania’s recent accession to the EU, it is good to see forward thinking chemical distribution businesses like Stera taking steps to strengthen our industry. Fecc continuously seeks to ensure the broadest European representation of the chemical distribution industry.”

Alecsandru Rasidescu, Stera general manager, said: “As a young dynamic company we want to ensure that we play our part to make European chemical distribution as successful as it can be. Our rapidly growing market will be affected by and, with the right policies, benefit from EU policy as any other sector, and it is important for us to make sure our industry’s concerns are heard.”