One of the actions that the Commission announced in its Communication, "Closing the loop - An EU action plan for the Circular Economy", was the intention to undertake an "Analysis and prepare policy options to address the interface between chemicals, products and waste legislation, including how to reduce the presence and improve the tracking of chemicals of concern in products".

The analysis will take into account a number of studies one of them being the Stakeholders Consultation in which Fecc participated as the voice of the Chemical Distributors and contributed with the following main messages:

  • 1.The Strategy will only be viable when it is legally, technically and economically feasible and more important, accepted by all the actors in the supply chain.
  • 2.To ensure a level playing field harmonised criteria based on a pragmatic approach should be set at European Union level and a coherent and consistent legal framework should be stablished improving the links between the different regulations involved.
  • 3.Consistency in terms of implementation and enforcement is needed to generate public confidence in the safety of waste management operations, and the recovered products reintroduced in the market.


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