Brussels, 1 April 2019 - The Fecc board announces that the mandate of Cathy Demeestere, appointed Director General (interim) in August 2018, ends – effective 1 April – due to health reasons.

The Fecc President, Dr Neville Prior, and the whole board warmly congratulate Cathy Demeestere for the considerable achievements in such a short period of time. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the sector and her vast experience, Cathy could take Fecc forward by building a new and very diverse team with an open and cooperative mindset.

The Fecc Board is pleased to announce that Sylvain Bougoin, current Life Sciences & International Trade Manager, is taking over the interim role until the arrival of the new Fecc Director General. With a PhD in Cellular Biology and Physiology at the University Rabelais of Tours, Sylvain Bougoin has an international experience in Medicine, Dentistry and Chemical Biology during 4 years at the University of Pittsburgh USA as Post-Doctoral Fellow, followed by 3 years of activity in Scandinavia, first as research expert and thereafter as regulatory specialist in the pharma and medical devices sector. He will be supported by the Fecc President, Dr Neville Prior, in his daily management tasks and report to the Fecc Board.

The whole Fecc team, each in their respective area of expertise, is fully committed to serve Fecc national associations and company members to the best of their abilities. In addition, Fecc will keep its focus on an enhanced communication strategy, which will benefit both its members and external stakeholders. Thanks to a modernised website and a more active presence online, Fecc will ensure easy access to information and will be able to reach a broader public in support of the chemical distribution sector.

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