Press release - Brussels, 20/06/2019

With over 150 participants, the Fecc Annual Congress 2019 – 12-14 June, Sitges, Spain – gathered high-level professionals representing all the actors of the supply chain, from manufacturers to customers, in the chemical distribution industry.

The 2019 Congress offered a totally new format, which included a full programme on the first day plus a half day of networking activities (a catamaran tour followed by a lunch in Sitges) on the second day. This year’s programme was characterised by two plenary debate sessions where the participants could interact with the speakers and the moderator by asking questions or sharing their view via the Fecc2019APP. The Congress app provided the audience with several functionalities, including messaging, questions, live polling, survey and a timeline.

Thanks also to the ability of an excellent moderator, Katrina Sichel, the full day was marked by a lively discussion around the themes of digitalisation & cyber security, promoting and attracting young and diverse talents into chemical distribution, value chain and services for the future and sustainability. The panels underlined that the industry still shows massive growth potential, even though the distributors still face clear challenges, which need quick adaptation and a renewed vision.

The two case studies on ‘Women in leadership position’ and ‘Showcase of Young Talent’ contributed to more observation on the future for chemical distributors. The outcomes of these sessions showed the need for a different approach to be inclusive and celebrate difference. The distribution sector aims to be more sustainable and innovative by keeping professionals trained and by attracting young talent to foster new ideas and a renewed vision of the industry. In this respect, Fecc is determined to play an active role in cooperating across the entire value chain to jointly solve the societal mega-challenges.

The Congress key topics have also been transformed into images, thanks to the visual representation of David Jesus Vignolli – a London-based visual artist and founder of - who offered the participants an artistic interpretation of the panel discussions. After a successful closure of the 2019 Congress, Fecc President – Neville Prior – announced that next year the Fecc Congress will be in Milan on 27-29 May 2020.

Further information about the next Congress will be available on the Fecc website soon. Fecc extends its gratitude to its congress sponsors - Stockmeier Group, Cornelius Group, Univar Solutions, Quimidroga and Eigenmann & Veronelli SpA - that gave an added value to the event and supported this unique stakeholders’ gathering in the field of chemical distribution. Fecc addresses a special thanks to the audience, which made the event so interactive and lively until the very end.

Fecc Communications Officer
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