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Fecc is the voice of the Chemical Distribution Industry in Europe.

Fecc represents around 1,600 companies of which many are small and medium sized companies (SMEs). Fecc and its members contribute to innovation and sustainability besides adding value in the supply chain, by sourcing, developing, marketing, and distributing a wide range of specialty chemicals and ingredients to over one million downstream users ranging from automotive, electronics, paint, construction to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and nutrition industries, each with their own specialised needs.

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ICIS Podcast: ‘Think Tank: Chemical distributors less exposed to downturn, still face tough Q4 in Europe’, with Fecc Director General Dorothée Arns
In this ICIS Think Tank podcast, Will Beacham interviews Dorothee Arns, director general of the the European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc). They talk about the Fecc Annual Congress...
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S&P Global Commodities Focus podcast with Fecc Board member Nick Powell
For the S&P Global Commodities Focus podcast, S&P Editor Abdulaziz Ehtaiba talks with Fecc' board member Nick Powell about events like Russia's war in Ukraine, as well as factors like inflatio...
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Dorothée Arns opinion piece: Nichts für schwache Nerven
Fecc's Director-General Dorothée Arns provided an opinion piece for CHEManager's 30th Anniversary issue. In the artile, she discusses the challenges lying ahead for the European chemical industry....
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The chemical distribution industry in Europe

More than 


billion euro
annual sales


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From Twitter

📣 Fecc Digital Days (online)
📅 March 2023

6 Fecc company members will be participating, showcasing digital solutions and platforms.

Next week, we will highlight at least one company webinar per day.

Registration is now open! More information 👇


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Fecc Membership is open to European National Associations representing chemical distribution and trade, and to individual companies engaged in trade, distribution or import of chemicals.
Become a member of Fecc and take advantage of the benefits it entails.

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