Responsible Care (RC)


The Fecc Secretariat and the Responsible Care Committee offer support and practical help with implementation.  

Training for new Responsible Care coordinators, workshops and information sessions are organised in order to share best practices and promote the Programme with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The promotion of Responsible Care is a priority to Fecc and the Responsible Care Committee has been established to strengthen and develop as well as to coordinate the Responsible Care Programme with national associations. The Committee monitors the developments of the Responsible Care Programme at European level (e.g. yearly collection and review of performance indicators), ensures an active promotion and communication of Responsible Care and carries out educational initiatives (e.g. Responsible Care seminars and conferences).

NEW! Responsible Care Self-Assessment Excel Tool

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Fecc’s new Responsible Care Self-Assessment Excel Tool for Europe – elaborated by Cefic and adjusted by Fecc to make it suitable for chemical distributors – paves the way for more European chemical companies along the supply chain to join the Responsible Care family whilst enhancing industry’s reputation and trust. It contributes to the Responsible Care initiative as the chemical distribution industry’s worldwide voluntary commitment to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in sound chemicals management.

The revised Responsible Care management system provides European chemical companies along the supply chain with a clear, inclusive and progressive pathway to continuous improvement.
It includes the development of practical tools (a Responsible Care management framework and a Responsible Care Self-Asessment tool) valuable to both companies and national associations, and the creation of maturity levels to help companies grow over time.

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  • Regular meetings of companies’ Responsible Care (RC) coordinators and Responsible Care managers of national associations
  • Provide training for new Responsible Care coordinators
  • Prepare promotional material, presentations and guidelines
  • Practical help and support to share best practices on the programme
  • Promote the programme with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders (e.g. insurance companies, European institutions and authorities).


  • Issue the ‘Authorisation Report’ which is the basis for granting the Responsible Care logo on presentation of the ‘Evaluation Report’ by Fecc Responsible Care Manager
  • Annual analysis of Key Performance Indicators (implementation, management of risks, training, improvements, community interaction and more) and recommend improvements. Decision on alternative Third-Party Verification tools (other than SQAS Distributor/ESAD)
  • Supervise  compliance with the Programme and in case of non-compliance recommend to the Fecc Board to withdraw the permission to use the Responsible Care logo.


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Responsible Care Report 2018

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Responsible Care Report 2015

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Responsible Care Report 2013

Responsible Care Report 2012

Responsible Care Report 2011

Business Benefits of Responsible Care Leaflet


For the Fecc European Responsible Care Programme click here.

For Guidelines and an overview of the Programme click here (January 2019).

For ICCA Rules Use of the Responsible Care Logo click here.

For ICCTA TPV logo rules and guidelines click here.

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