What is Responsible Care


Responsible Care helps the chemical industry globally to operate safely and with care for future generations. 

Through the sharing of information and a system of checklists, performance indicators and verification procedures, Responsible Care enables the industry to demonstrate how its health, safety and environmental performance has improved over the years, and to develop policies for further improvement.

Responsible Care requires companies to be open and transparent with their stakeholders – from local communities to environmental groups, from local authorities and government to the media, and of course the general public. 

The programme currently adhered to was launched in 2005 when the International Chemical Trade Association (ICTA) agreed on the ‘Joint RC/RD Programme’. Fecc actively promotes the implementation of this joint programme and has also developed its own complementary European RC programme, which has been approved by Cefic in 2009.

The initiative is intentionally flexible in order to transcend differences in culture, national legislation, and so on, thereby enabling all chemical associations and their member companies – wherever they are in the world – to adopt Responsible Care and adapt it to suit their situation.

Both the Joint RC/RD Programme and the Fecc European Responsible Care Programme are based on Eight Guiding Principles:


Legal requirements


Management of risk


Policies and documentation


Provision of information




Emergency response


Ongoing improvements


Community interaction

Benefits for companies committed to Responsible Care

Responsible Care contributes to sustainable development, benefiting not only environmental and social aspects but also delivering numerous business benefits that have led to a considerable commitment and participation from chemical companies throughout Europe.

The implementation of Responsible Care within the company:

  • Assists companies to comply with environmental, health and safety legislation.
  • Diminishes the risks of environmental, health and safety failures.
  • Optimises operational conditions and company performance.
  • Improves the image and reputation of your company towards the employees, authorities, customers and general public.
  • Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility.

For more information, please contact the Fecc secretariat (+32 2 679 02 64)