Biocidal Products Committee (BPC)

The Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) was created from the Fecc Biocides Task Force and its work is focused on Biocidal Products and related topics.

The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) concerns the placing on the market and use of biocidal products, which are used to protect humans, animals, materials or articles against harmful organisms like pests or bacteria, by the action of the active substances contained in the biocidal product.
The Fecc BPC members monitor and give their contribution to the developments of Biocidal Products Regulation, its updates, guidance and any other related document, which is relevant for chemical distributors.


BPC supports the objective of a harmonised European market for biocidal products and contributes as stakeholder to decision making process as regards new mechanisms in BP assessment at EU level, i.e. harmonisation of risk assessment for active substances and co-formulants, Union authorisation and product families.

As voice of biocidal products’ distributors at European level and beyond, the Biocidal Products Committee strives to improve product availability and to provide relevant input to ensure that the same high standards for the protection of human health and the environment are applied across the European Union.

For more information, please contact Simina Dreve at (or by phone at +32 2 679 02 69).


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