The Fecc Logistics Committee monitors the developments in EU and international legislation concerning the safe transport and handling of chemicals as well as related security issues.

The Committee works directly with relevant industry groups dealing with similar issues, such as Cefic, IRU (International Road Transport Union), and ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association), as well as through INDA (Alliance of European Industry Sectors Involved in the safe transport of dangerous goods).

Some of the issues being handled/examined by the Logistics Committee are: The ADR-/ RID-/ IMDG-Restructuring and harmonization, and other aspects of the carriage of dangerous goods, security issues in the transport of dangerous goods, digitalization of the supply chain, and accident statistics.

Site (Un)loading Information Document (SULID) – 2019

A uniform site (un)loading document (SULID) has been developed by a joint Cefic-ECTA-FETSA-Fecc Working Group in order to facilitate the exchange of technical and safety data between (un)loading sites and carriers/drivers in a more structured and harmonised way.
A separate SULID has been developed for three different types of (un)loading sites depending on the nature of the products to be handled:

Guidance on how to use the Site (Un)loading Information Document SULID

Fecc encourages all (un)loading sites to use these documents.

More information can be found at: www.cefic.org

COVID-19: Implications for Transport & Logistics


NEW: Transport Cybersecurity Toolkit (2020)


Guidelines and Recommendations

Driver Shortage in Chemical Logistics


European Transport Network



For more information on this committee, please contact the Fecc Logistics Manager, Gerhard Ahlbrecht, at gah@fecc.org or +32 2 679 02 64