Ask-the-regulators: Fecc-UK Government Brexit Webinar

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Ask-the-regulators: Fecc-UK Government Brexit Webinar
23 October - 10:00h - 11:00h CET

Your unique opportunity to get first-hand, practical guidance on the new UK rules after 1 Jan 2021, such as how to comply with the new UK REACH, what to do as importer or exporter, actions for businesses to prepare, and more. Ample opportunity to ask your questions to the regulators.

Speaker: James Dancy, Head of Transition and Post 2020 Policy for Chemicals and Pesticides, UK Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Registration fees: The event is free of charge for Fecc members. Non- members: 100 EUR.
If you are a Fecc member, please contact the Fecc Secretariat (mpi@fecc.org) to receive your discount code.

Please feel free to send your questions in advance and by 20 October to Fecc Health, Safety & Environment Manager - Simina Dreve - at sdr@fecc.org. We will make sure the questions are considered by the UK Defra.

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