Fecc Digital Day


Join us for Fecc's first Digital Day where our company members will showcase their specific IT solutions to facilitate daily operations in distribution.The event will kick-start with high-level speakers from the European Commission to further discuss Europe's digital future.

Please note that attendees only need to register once in order to attend one or all sessions. The event is free of charge for Fecc members, and open to all external value chain partners (100 EUR fee). To register, click here.


Session 1:

  1. 9:00-10:00 CET European Commission: "The EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) - Digitalisation for Circularity"

The EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a structured collection of product related data with predefine scope and agreed data ownership and access rights conveyed through a unique identifier. This is facilitated through a decentralised system linked with the European Dataspace for Smart Circular Applications (EDSCA) and information scope is related to sustainability, circularity and value retention for re-use/remanufacturing and recycling.

During the Digital Day, our three Commission directorates will discuss the practicalities of the DPP:

  • Michele Galatola , DG GROW - Introduction to the EU Digital Product Passport (DPP): how it works, business case, and guiding principles.
  • William Neale, DG ENVI - Environmental Links, Product Policy and Guiding Principles, the Digital Contribution to Environment & Climate.
  • Ilias Iakovidis , DG CNECT - Discussion of Data Issues and Governance & DG CNECT Actions


2. 10:00-11:00 CET - Dr. Chiara Zaffino, Ricardo Quiroga & Stéphane Beaurepaire - Selerant: "Discover the digital advantage: learn how smart software and regulatory experience combine to deliver value for chemical distributors"

Selarant will feature how a combination of smart software and regulatory experience can deliver value for chemical distributors:

  • Discover how cloud-based technology can streamline the data flow through the entire supply chain
  • Learn how to grow your business by accelerating new market entry and improving responsiveness by cutting compliance management overheads
  • Hear 5 tips for lowering the cost of compliance, streamlining the compliance process, and reducing your environmental footprint.


3. 11:00-12:00 CET - Bharat Bhardwaj & Marwan Salah - Impratech: "Establishing a customised e-commerce platform to chemical producers and distributors"

Dr Bhardwaj will set out how his company, Impratech, provides the same level playing field to the whole market to both large and small distribution companies alike. Impratech has no ties to any one company so are able to make this offering on an independent basis. Customers want an easy to use platform, freeing up time for the sales staff to focus on accounts that can add value to the company. The Impratech offering is designed to be low cost for the distributor and easy to navigate by each of the customers. The case for a standardised sales platform is strong, If any company wanted to develop their own platform the cost would be prohibitive.

Session 2:

  1. 14:00-15:00 CET - Maxime Evens - Lisam Systems: "Digitalization of Chemical Compliance Processes in the Supply Chain"

Lisam Systems’ digital offer aims to improve and ease hazard information communication and eventually enables chemical companies to be fully compliant, to put safer products on the market and to create safer work environments with less effort than ever before.During their presentation, Lisam will elaborate on their long-term vision and current solutions for the problems faced by distributors. Their software solutions can both be seen on a stand-alone basis, helping an individual need, or in tandem with each other, creating a systematic solution that is future-proof. Thanks to the modularity of the solutions and the expertise present within Lisam Systems, all solutions can be tailored to the different needs of our potential customers.


2. 15:00-16:00 CET - Robert Smith - PriceFx: "AI-Powered Price Optimization and Management Solutions for B2B and B2C Organizations"

Join Robert Smith as he discusses why digital transformation is vital to the success of the chemical distribution industry and how a pricing solution can be used to solve some of the underlying issues that an un-digitized organization faces. Pricefx is the leading cloud-native SaaS pricing software that delivers holistic price optimization and management. It provides industry-leading time to value and total cost of ownership advantages to customers. Their innovative solution works for both B2B and B2C enterprises of any size and has helped 100s of companies to implement and optimize their pricing strategies using next-gen machine learning.