Fecc webinar: “Circular economy – Implications for Distributors”


Welcome to our webinar session on “Circular economy – Implications for Distributors”.
Wednesday, 20 November 2019 (1 pm – 3 pm CET)
This webinar is organised by Fecc and Kemi & Life Science (The Danish Association of Chemical Distributors)

Part One: 13:00h-13:55h – Setting the scene
(Dorothee Arns, Fecc)
1) Welcome and antitrust reminder
2) The current status: environmental footprint of Europe´s chemical industry
3) Why circular economy on top?
4) Stakeholder management
5) Impact and implications for distribution business
6) Challenges and opportunities for distributors
7) The way ahead & conclusion
8) Q & A (10 minutes)

*** 5 minutes break ***

Part Two: 14:00h-14:45h – The Danish Project – Scope & Experiences
(Marianne Lyngsaae and Jakob Zeuthen,
Danish Distributors Association Kemi & Life Science)
1) Background
2) Project scope
3) Outcome
4) Experiences/lessons learned
5) Cooperation with local and national authorities
6) Interphase between Waste Framework Directive and REACH/product legislation
7) Definition and interpretation of “by-products”
8) Next steps
9) Q & A (10 minutes)

Part Three: 14:50h-15:00h – Wrap-up and next steps
(Dorothee Arns/All)
1) Conclusions from Part I and II
2) Building the case on a European level
3) Fecc circular economy committee to be established?