Fecc webinar: Cybersecurity in Practice


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All relevant aspects for chemical distribution (and beyond!) will be covered, notably:

  • Empirics – cyberattacks and related costs
  • Types of cyberattacks, e.g. mail scams, trojans, viruses, bot attacks
  • Development of the threat landscape
  • How to identify a cyberattack
  • Why chemical distributors could be a potential target of cyberattacks
  • Cybersecurity in practice: how to protect (home)offices, data, clouds, industrial sites & logistics
  • How to achieve more cybersecurity in your company & how to measure it
  • What to do in case of a cyberattack? Emergency response mechanisms & “first aid kits”
  • How to identify the best cybersecurity solution and decide what is relevant and what not

Thomas Koehler, our speaker,  is one of Germany´s most renowned cybersecurity experts, able to combine theoretical expertise with a vast treasure of practical experiences to benefit from.

Prof. Koehler is an entrepreneur, bestseller author and teaches as a professor of cybersecurity at the German University of the Police Forces, Brandenburg. He is used to familiarize a huge variety of audiences with diverse know-how levels with the essentials of cybersecurity in easy-to-understand words.

The webinar is free of charge for Fecc members. Company members of Fecc National Associations are entitled to a reduced fee of 80 EUR. The cost for all other external participants is 125 EUR.

To get the code for your waived (Fecc member) or reduced fee (Company members of Fecc National Associations), please contact Fecc (eri@fecc.org).

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