Fecc webinar: “A Synopsis of Chemicals Regulations in Turkey, Turkish REACH & CLP (KKDIK & SEA)”


“A Synopsis of Chemicals Regulations in Turkey, Turkish REACH & CLP (KKDIK & SEA)” in partnership with REACH Global Services (RGS) Turkey on 29 April from 11:00h to 12:00h (CET).

Tugce Gizem Gürleroglu Deputy Director
Dr. Yaprak Yuzak Kucukvar, Director, Global Regulatory Affairs & Product Stewardship


  • Obligations and Upcoming deadlines for KKDIK
  • Supply chain and distribution networks
  • Current state at the SIEFs
  • SDS and CSR Obligations & Compliance
  • Connection between KKDIK & SEA and how it works in practice
  • Foreseeable Challenges and actions required

Speakers' bio

Director, Global Regulatory Affairs & Product Stewardship

Yaprak Yüzak Küçükvar has been managing the RGS’ global operations since 2008. With 15 consecutive years in regulatory compliance, 13 of which focused on chemicals management policy predominantly in the EU and around the world, she has in-depth knowledge of EU REACH, EU Cosmetics Regulations and other global chemicals regulations.

Yaprak graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2003, UK after completing a BSc in Chemistry. She started her career in the Regulatory Affairs and Business Development undertaking several due diligence projects of a well-established Pharmaceutical Company until helping with the establishment of the REACH Helpdesk at the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Association. After working on several projects for creating awareness about REACH in the industry, she was appointed to the management of REACH Global Services global operations where she has been working since and coordinating on a regional basis RGS HQ’s operations in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.

Ms. Tugce Gizem GURLEROGLU
Deputy Director
REACH Global Services

Tugce is a senior expert in regulatory compliance and the Deputy Director of REACH Global Services (RGS). With a total of 11 years of work experience, Tugce joined RGS in early 2013, right before the second deadline of REACH registrations. Under the rendered consultancy services, together with RGS team Tugce ensures that companies comply with the EU chemicals legislations (REACH, Cosmetics) and Turkish chemicals regulations (SEA, KKDIK, SDS) as well as global chemicals legislations. Tugce holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, and now continues her education life in an executive MBA program. Before joining RGS, she worked at manufacturing sites on domestic and foreign trade, as well as consignment sales.

About REACH Global Services

REACH Global Services, headquartered in Brussels, is a professional regulatory consulting company providing services since 2008, advising >875 clients from 40+ countries in the chemicals and allied industries to comply with the chemicals legislations in EU and non-EU countries. RGS with experienced team of consultants offers OR and RP services for non-EU manufacturers to comply with EU REACH and Cosmetics Regulations as well as regulatory compliance support in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Through its Turkey-based branch office, RGS also provides Turkish chemicals legislations compliance services including Turkish-REACH (KKDIK) and SEA (Turkish CLP) to global companies.