Fecc webinar on “Russian REACH and new Russian regulations”


Welcome to Fecc's webinar on "Russian REACH and new Russian regulations" with Olesia Pochapska, Senior Consulting Manager, REACHLaw Ltd.
3 July, 14:00h - 15:00h (CEST).


Dorothee Arns, Director General of the European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc)
Introduction and welcome on behalf of Fecc (including anti-trust reminder)

Presentation by Olesia Pochapska, Senior Consulting Manager, REACHLaw Ltd.

  • The overview of the Regulation: scope, exemptions and responsible actors
  • Strategy for the non-EAEU manufacturers and formulators
  • What is chemical inventory under TR041
  • Future registration requirements
  • Chemical Safety Passports and applicable GOST standards
  • Q&A

About Olesia Pochapska:
Olesia has an educational background in law and international business. She has been with REACHLaw from 2010 working on multiple projects related to EU REACH and other REACH-like regulations. As a chemical regulatory consultant she has an extensive experience from different industries, including chemicals, petrochemicals, metals, specialty chemicals providing leading regulatory advice to the clients around the world. Olesia is also part of the legal team at REACHLaw, specializing in complex contracts and solutions. Main areas of expertise are EU REACH, KKDIK, K-REACH, Eurasia REACH and other global chemicals regulations.
At REACHLaw Olesia is responsible for sales, development and assigned project management.