Fecc webinar – “Resilience in the chemical industry: How to thrive under macroeconomic uncertainty”


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2022 has been a very dynamic year for various sectors, but more so for the chemical supply chain. In this webinar co-organised with McKinsey, the resilience in the chemical industry will be discussed, along with the following key topics:

  • Strengthening of resilience in the chemical supply chain
  • Resilience defined as capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and ability to adjust easily to change
  • How to customise this for the chemical supply chain
  • Why this is a different crises from former ones
  • How to come out as winners in challenging times
  • What differentiates resilient companies based on evidence
  • What does this mean for chemical companies in this crisis?
  • What to do to enhance own company resilience: potential next steps



  • Dr Chantal Lorbeer, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Dr Andreas Seitz, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company



This event is free of charge and open only to McKinsey clients, Fecc members and members of Fecc´s national associations.

Learn more and register here