Fecc webinar: Fecc Model Distribution Contract & Compliance Training


Fecc compiled the original version in 2014 as a “terms-of-reference” framework document for distribution agreements, laying out  - amongst other aspects – obligations for suppliers and distributors, clarifying certain definitions and facilitating compliance with EU competition law stipulations by granting comprehensive legal guidance.

After almost 10 years we deemed it necessary to conduct a profound review of the original document under the auspices of Fecc´s International Trade Committee (ITC) and had it updated in light of recent changes in European competition laws, especially when it comes to VBER provisions (= Block Exemption Regulation on Vertical Restraints). Fortunately for us, we could win the authors of the 2014 document to do this review and are now happy to share the results with you, which are summarized more explicitly in bullet point format below.

To officially launch the reviewed and updated version and to facilitate using it, we warmly invite you to a virtual 2-hour compliance training session with the legal experts of Baker McKenzie on Friday, 10 February from 14:00h to 16:00h CET, which will cover all relevant aspects of how to use the model distribution contract, recent changes in the regulatory framework, and many more aspects.

You are also welcome to ask your own questions, if any, on the document itself or on the regulation behind.

The GoToWebinar link to register for this session can be found below:

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Since the topic is of high importance not only for distributors, but also for their principals (especially those with dual sales/distribution structures, such as direct sales and sales via distributors), we invite you to share this invitation also with your principals as an extra service provided for Fecc members and their value-chain partners.

The same applies to our colleagues from the national associations, who are more than welcome to share the document and this invitation with their members.