Fecc’s webinar on Turkish REACH: Last-minute advice for KKDIK pre-registrations

Welcome to our webinar on Turkish REACH: Last-minute advice for KKDIK pre-registrations, co-hosted with REACH Global Services.


Preamble: Introduction & anti-trust reminder, Dorothee Arns, Director General, Fecc

Dr. YAPRAK YÜZAK KÜÇÜKVAR, Director, Global Regulatory Affairs & Product Stewardship, REACH Global Services
Ms. Tugce Gizem GURLEROGLU, Deputy Director, REACH Global Services

Key items in the presentation:
- General obligations on KKDIK & SEA
- Data requirements for pre-registration
- KKDIK 2020 Snapshot (Numbers by the MoEU)
- Last minute advice to late comers
- Know your obligations on SDSs
- What to expect following the pre-registration deadline

Registration fees: The event is free of charge for Fecc members (please contact the Fecc Secretariat to receive your discount coed). Non- members: 100 EUR. To register, please click here.