Chemical Watch: Global Business Summit 2020

09.09.2020 - 10.09.2020

Chemical Watch: Global Business Summit 2020
9-10 September 2020 | Virtual conference (+ video recordings)

Businesses and regulators around the world are asking for more information on, and insights into, how the management of chemicals relates to sustainable development and the circular economy. Following a decade of unprecedented regulatory reform, driven by global frameworks such as the UN's Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (Saicm) and the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals, companies are still confronting huge concern over the adverse effects of chemicals on human health and the environment. The UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals provide impetus for the sound management of chemicals and waste.

Chemical Watch’s Global Business Summit brings together leading figures from the world of chemical management who will give their perspectives on why the safety of chemicals is integral to sustainable development and quality risk management is critical to corporate success.

Speakers will examine the importance of the European Commission’s Green Deal and look at other drivers pushing companies’ sustainable chemicals management strategies. The conference will explore worldwide moves towards a circular economy by looking at the sourcing of materials, manufacturing and production processes, the flow of communication around chemicals and the key role of recycling and waste. Speakers will include representatives from government organisations, trade.

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