ICIS World Polyolefins Conference 2024

10.04.2024 - 12.04.2024

10th ICIS World Polyolefins Conference
Conference: 10-11 April 2024, Training: 9 April 2024 | Vienna, Austria

The key concern for polyolefins appears to be whether demand will catch up with the supply that has been added in recent years.

The 10th ICIS World Polyolefins Conference will bring together ICIS specialists to delve further into the market dynamics affecting the global polyethylene and polypropylene industries, presenting a forecast for both in the future. ICIS will also provide expertise and analysis on European energy markets, one of the industry's pain points in terms of regional competitivity, as well as a global perspective on recycling and how Asia fits into the global polyolefins market.

Dorothee Arns, Fecc Director General, will be a speaker at this event on 10th April presenting the topic: "Role of traders and distributors in Europe".

Special discounts for Fecc members are available. Use the code provided in dedicated members communications (or contact us to get it) to avail of a 20% discount when registering.

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