30.06.2020 - 01.07.2020

Where Chemical Supply Chain VPs and their teams benchmark their response and solutions to the Covid-19 crisis

30 June - 1 July 2020 - 14:00 - 17:00 CEST

Covid-19 is posing unprecedented challenges to your chemical supply chain 

It’s forced us to totally re-prioritise but how can you do that when everything changes from day to day?

Without benchmarking and finding out what your peers are doing, you will miss out on critical information to help keep your business afloat and prepared for the future.

That’s why LogiChem has gone digital. Join this virtual event to find out how others on the front line of chemical logistics, planning and distribution, are rapidly adapting their strategies in these unprecedented times.

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  • Boost resilience and increase agility across your global chemical supply chain
    Get practical insights from the world’s leading producers and their partners
  • Achieve greater efficiencies, improve visibility and drive patient centricity 
    Discover how the latest strategies, tools and technologies are being leveraged across e2e supply chains

  • Benchmark against peers and have your pressing questions answered
    Hear from 15 chemical supply chain expert speakers and take part in live polling and Q&A after each session