A new Chemical Leasing book is available

The new Chemical Leasing book is now available and accessible for free online!

This publication is a collection of insights, best practices and real examples of how the private sector, society at large, and the environment can benefit from the sustainable business approach, Chemical Leasing.

Fecc Director General - Dorothee Arns - has made her contribution to the book by sharing her insights on the chemical industry and the current developments. She also shared her experience in the field of chemicals management and her vision on performance-based business models.

The book targets different groups of people – companies, the scientific community, academia, consultants, policymakers – who want to learn more about the Chemical Leasing business model. This book is written by practitioners for practitioners. It provides articles, insights and new ideas on how to better use chemicals. It presents the broad range of approaches which there are to the topic. It is designed to be a reference book which readers can always consult.

See here Fecc DG's contributions: