Back to work Guidance – Adapting to “the new normal” 

Last week OSHA (= Europe´s Occupational Safety and Health Agency, a part of the EU Commission) has issued comprehensive guidance titled “COVID-19: Back to the workplace”, which covers a variety of recommendations to make work places and processes “Coronavirus-proof”, now that lockdown measures start to get lifted in many European countries.

The measures laid-out in the guidance are not legally binding and might not all be applicable to all companies. Nonetheless, the documentation of in total more than 20 pages contains many useful recommendations.
More than 80% of it was already contained in Fecc´s members´ communication of 16 April titled “Safety guidance for companies and organisation”, which we had synthesized from various official sources world-wide including at that time. So, if you have followed this communication, many things will not be new to you.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to still skim through the attached checklists, to which we condensed and converted the OSHA guidance - as a sort of refresher after 3 weeks of COVID-19 dynamics, i.e.

  1. General recommendations for minimising exposure to COVID-19 at work (work set-up and processes, supplies & deliveries, generic hygiene recommendations, face masks)
  2. Coping with a high rate of absence
  3. Taking care of workers who have been ill
  4. Managing staff working from home
  5. What, if … (e.g. someone feels unwell at the workplace or your company is faced with assumed or confirmed COVID-19 infections).

To access the guide, please click here.

For more information, visit our COVID-19 section.