Dorothée Arns opinion piece: Nichts für schwache Nerven


Fecc's Director-General Dorothée Arns provided an opinion piece for CHEManager's 30th Anniversary issue. In the artile, she discusses the challenges lying ahead for the European chemical industry.

"If you look back over the last three decades of the European chemical industry, one thing quickly becomes clear: it has always remained exciting, at no time has there ever been boredom. While the European chemical industry has retained its distinctive character at its core, the conditions around it have changed constantly, fundamentally and sustainably. Most recently even at a rapidly increasing pace. The business, already highly cyclical, has never been for the faint-hearted, but recently the crises have been piling up - even amplifying each other - to such an extent that one can hardly keep up." (“Nichts für schwache Nerven” - CHEManager 07/2022)

Please read the article (in German) here, or on CHEManager's website via this link.