Fecc celebrates the International Womens’ Day, with the tagline #InspireInclusion !

Today, 8th of March, we celebrate the #International #Womens’ #Day, with the tagline #InspireInclusion! 🎉 👩‍

We at Fecc are very happy to not only talk about #Diversity and #Inclusion on this special occasion, but also to celebrate it in our daily activities and surroundings every single day. 🙌

For example, at the Fecc Secretariat, our team:
◾ covers 3 generations,
◾ is fully gender equilibrated,
◾ has 7 different nationalities, even from 2 continents, and
◾ brings completely different educational backgrounds and working experiences to the table.

In addition, inside our community, we have many very energetic #ladies who are not only great colleagues, but also make things happen in crucial positions in the #chemical #value #chain.

Over the past days, we have displayed 12 of them in our first-ever Fecc #role #model countdown “The Female Faces of Chemistry”. 👩‍🔬 ⚗

Many thanks to all our female role models for your great and enthusiastic support – you are all super-inspiring! 🎇

And today, we are celebrating a very successful event on (women) #Diversity and #Inclusion in the chemical value chain with a unique set-up of 8 fantastic female leaders.