Fecc Digital Day

On 11 June 2021, Fecc hosted its first-ever Fecc Digital Day. With examples from the distribution sector, Fecc members showcased the unique contribution of chemical distributors in implementing the digitalisation in practice. External speakers included:

  • Michele Galatola, DG GROW - Introduction to the EU Digital Product Passport (DPP): how it works, business case, and guiding principles.
  • William Neale, DG ENVI - Environmental Links, Product Policy and Guiding Principles, the Digital Contribution to Environment & Climate.
  • Ilias Iakovidis, DG CNECT - Discussion of Data Issues and Governance & DG CNECT Actions

The programme for the day then continued with the presentations made by the following Fecc members:

  • Selerant - Dr. Chiara Zaffino, Ricardo Quiroga & Stéphane Beaurepaire "Discover the Digital Advantage: Formula-based product lifecycle Management (PLM), Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and compliance solutions"
  • Impratech - Dr. Bharat Bhardwaj & Marwan Salah

"Establishing a Customised E-commerce Platform to Chemical Producers and Distributors"

"Digitalization of Chemical Compliance Processes in the Supply Chain"

"AI-Powered Price Optimization and Management Solutions for B2B and B2C Organizations" For more information, you may contact Fecc’s Technical and Regulatory Affairs Manager Elias Rito ( The presentation and company