Fecc to host circular economy session during EU Commission’s Industry Week 2021

We are pleased to announce that Fecc´s application to host a distribution-specific session during the EU Industry Week 2021, which is organized by the EU Commission, has been accepted:

In the afternoon of Monday, 22 March, Fecc will showcase the unique contribution of chemical distributors to implementing the circular economy in practice.

This event will comprise a short introduction to our sector and to Fecc as association before explaining the successful pilot case of giving certain chemicals a second and third business life before disposing of them (Danish GEAR project).

We are more than delighted that we could also win the EU´s waste management expert from DG Environment as well as senior representatives from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the pharmaceutical industry as important downstream user segment to join Fecc for the event.

The expected audience will be extremely diverse and from all parts of Europe, ranging from policy-makers to value-chain partners and from academia to media.

To register: click here.


The EU's Industry Week is a European Commission’s initiative and Europe's primary annual event on industry. It provides a platform for discussing industrial challenges, as well as co-develop opportunities and policy responses in an inclusive dialogue with a wide range of partners. In addition, it ensures that our policies at European, national, regional, and local levels work together in order to enable the European industry to deliver jobs, growth, and innovation in Europe.