Fecc-NCEC Webinar: Emergency Response for chemical distributors 2.0 – Protecting people, environment, assets and reputation

On 27 January 2022, and following a previous webinar exploring market drivers for good corporate citizenship and environmental and social governance across the chemical supply chain, this webinar explored these topics from the perspective of a distributor.

Fecc Responsible Care Manager, was joined by Craig Thomson, Client Director at NCEC, discussing the following topics:

  • The link between Responsible Care and emergency response.
  • The arguments for implementing quality emergency response: compliance, risk management and Responsible Care.
  • Practical advice to help you evaluate your current emergency response provision and implement best practice.
  • The link between emergency response and organisational resilience.
  • Do’s and don’ts — step by step advice on how to handle an incident.

The webinar summary is available at the Fecc member's area.