Fecc webinar’s recording: “Emergency response – implications for distributors” available


View the recording of the Fecc webinar co-hosted by NCEC and with a case study by Azelis: "Emergency response - implications for distributors".

The live webinar took place on 12 May 2020 (2 pm - 3 pm CET).

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How emergency response is a key part of Responsible Care and the risks of not having provision in place
  • When you should be providing emergency response for your own, and third party, products considering liability and Responsible Care
  • How to handle emergency response when you are not the manufacturer of products, but you are responsible for them
  • How the current pandemic is impacting emergency response How to check your emergency response provision is fit for purpose
  • Benefits of your own emergency response provision and wider implications for physical response Hear from Azelis, one of the leading chemical distributors, on their approach to emergency response and the challenges they face.

The webinar will provide practical next steps to assess you own provision and ensure it meets your requirements. Presentations are followed by a live Q&A session.


  • To view the full webinar, please click here.
  • View part one (Introduction by Dorothee Arns - Fecc Director General and Gerhard Ahlbrecht - Fecc Responsible Care & Logistics Manager).
  • View part two (Presentation by Jon Gibbard, Director, NCEC ICE National Centre (UK)).
  • View part three (Presentation "Emergency Response - Distributor’s Considerations" by David Miles,Corporate SHEQ Officer, Azelis).
  • View part four (Presentation on case studies by Chris Sowden – Head of Emergency Response Team, NCEC).